Legal Notice

The IDS service site is edited by SA Industrie Distribution Service with a capital of 330,000 euros, located at 45A, avenue de l'Europe BP 90082 59435 RONCQ CEDEX - France.

Use of email addresses:
We do not sell or distribute email addresses that site visitors provide to us.
The only use cases for these addresses are:
- regular sending of news;
- electronic mail exchanges;
- helping users to use the service;
- protection and defense of copyright or property rights of IDS service;
- actions under special circumstances for the protection of the individual rights of users or the public.

Control of personal data:
the user, according to the French Data Protection Act, has the right to access and modify personal data that he voluntarily communicates through the online service. To exercise this right, all you have to do is write to us by email or post at the addresses available in the "CONTACTS" section of the site.

General Service Notes:
The user knows perfectly well that it is necessary for the correct functioning of the Exchanges that he provides personal information such as his name, e-mail address ... as it is displayed on the screen during the processes of contact, of price request ...
Incomplete or inaccurate information can prevent exchanges from functioning.
The online services are free, in the sense that they are the responsibility of the user to have the equipment for connecting to the Internet and to bear the costs inherent in this connection.

IDS SERVICE reserves the right to modify the operation of its website and the conditions of use of the service without notice. This service is offered free of charge "as is" as long as it is available and the user who uses it at his own risk, without any requirement or request for compensation of any kind whatsoever on his part. on the continuation and the proper functioning of the service is not opposable. The user is fully responsible for all consequences of the content of the input areas intended to be used via this service.

Copyright and content ownership:
The user is aware that the content, in a non-exhaustive way, texts, software, sounds, photographs, videos, graphic elements, illustrations and any other element of the content displayed online is protected by the laws in force on the intellectual and artistic property. The use of this content is authorized within the strict framework of the service. No copy, reproduction or derivative creation from the content without the express prior authorization of IDS SERVICE, the artists or creators of the multimedia content made available is permitted outside this framework. All the brands mentioned are the property of their respective depositories.

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