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IDS answer to environmental regulations Mission et engagement IDS
Respects environmental regulations

• Life cycle analysis
IDS has found improvement means for the manufacturing and distribution processes with the independent cabinet, EVEA, who has made a life cycle assessment of its plastic products and cardboard hangers to optimise their performances.

• Considering the environmental labeling
IDS is now able to meet the requirements of the environmental labeling.

• Respecting the resources
In the process of production of its hangers for shoes, sandals, flip-flops and footwear, IDS takes the engagement to reduce the use of non-recyclable materials and/or issued from non-renewable resources .

• A planning for the reduction of packaging
IDS takes the engagement to reduce primary, secondary and tertiary packagings while keeping the integral qualities of the product and the useful information for the customer.

Hangers and hooks for shoe department, our answers

Download the document "our answers" in PDF format (1,4 Mo)

Our mission :

Increase the profitability of your shelves for shoes, sandals, flip-flops and footwear, give more visibility to your products.

Our commitments :

Work based on a close collaboration between buyers, quality managers and environment responsibles to offer customised solutions

Une gamme de cintres pour une mise en valeur des rayons et linéaires de chaussures et articles chaussants

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